About the Festival

Q: What is the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (VCBF)?
A: The Festival celebrates spring and when 43,000 cherry trees burst into bloom across the city, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates Spring with over 20+ cherry blossom themed community events every year during March and April.

Q: How do I get there / Where does it take place?
A: Festival events are in Vancouver and easily accessible by public transit, bicycle or car. Please see individual event pages for tips on how to access the venue.

Q: Are tickets required to attend?
A: Most of our events are FREE! Events that require admission are clearly marked on the respective event pages.

Q: What happens if it rains on an event day? Will it be rescheduled?
A: Events such as Cherry Jam Downtown and Sakura Days Japan Fair will proceed rain-or-shine. Events like Spring Lights Illumination, Petal Picnics, Tree Talks and Walks are “bloom dependant” so will be re-scheduled to catch the bloom. Please always check our website for the latest updates. If the event has to be rescheduled, we will do our very best to get the word out via social media, signage and a VCBF volunteer at the event to advise of the change.

Q:How do I get into contact with the Festival organization to address specific questions?

A:Please email your questions to [email protected] or fill out a form @Contact online or call 604-257-8120 between 10am-4pm PST.
Media and sponsor enquiries may call 604 767 9044

About Cherry Blossoms

Q:When’s the best time for me to visit to catch the blossoms?
A: Cherry blossom bloom dates are driven by the weather so it varies from year to year. The cherry blossom comes into bloom after the flowering plum blooms around early March on a typical year, the early Whitcomb and Accolade cultivars bloom first, followed by the popular Akebono variety (Burrard SkyTrain Station) in late March and the Kanzan following a couple weeks after in April. To catch the blooms please check out our Neighbourhood Maps and What’s Blooming Now pages!

Q: How many cherry cultivars are there in Vancouver?
A: Festival Cherry Scouts have discovered 54 cultivars of the ornamental cherry tree in Vancouver. To learn more about these different varieties you may purchase our book online or at VanDusen Botanical Garden Gift Shop and UBC Botanical Garden“Ornamental Cherries in Vancouver” by Douglas Justice or check this page for more info: http://www.vcbf.ca/education/cherry-cultivars