These are locations that have been featured on our Blooming Now page. Photo names have the date, location, cultivar and photographer name.

20160409 InvernessE45thN Kanzan Willard_0629
20160409 E51stRossW Avium Plena Willard_0524
20160408 24thWallaceE Shirofugen Willard_0277
20160407 MtnViewCem Kanzan Willard_0193
20160407_WatermaniaSteveston_Shirofugen _Nadia-9
20160405 1386Nicola Shirofugen Willard_0560 (1)
20160407 RenfrewTriumph AviumPlena Willard_0715
20160407 2420Dollarton Kanzan Willard_0691
20160404 DavieBidwellE Kanzan Willard_0304
20160404 TaylorWay Kanzan Willard_0286
20160404 12thKamloops Kanzan Willard_0391
20160404 CharlesSalisburyE Kanzan Willard_0320
20160404 MtnViewCem Kanzan Willard_0455
20160429 SFU Shirofugen Willard_8436