The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is pleased to be able to offer you Birthday Blossoms exceptional quality flowering cherry trees in celebration of our 10th anniversary. This time we only have a limited quantity of quality ornamental cherry trees for planting on private property. One thousand ornamental cherry trees will bring Vancouver one-step closer in reaching our Greenest City Initiative goals and you will plant your own legacy for your family.

TREE PICK-UP is on the April 30th-May 1st weekend from 9am to 5pm at VanDusen Botanical Garden (5251 Oak Street) Visitor Centre C-Drive off Oak Street. Please save your PayPal Receipt to exchange for your cherry tree. Well in advance of April 30th you will receive an email reminder of Pick-Up Day details. Click here for some Car Loading Tips

Watch how to Plant your Birthday Blossoms Tree below!

For all Birthday Blossom purchasers before March 1, 2016, GardenWorks is offering $5 OFF their special “Tree Planting Kit”: 2kg Box of GardenWorks Bonemeal and a 1kg Bottle of GardenWorks Transplanting Fertilizer (value of $19.98).

Cherry trees are currently growing beautifully in the nursery and by spring will be 4 years old (about 6 feet tall) waiting for adoption in 5-gallon tubs. In 2011 we planted 3,000 cherry trees in three varieties and this time we have eight different cultivars from the Early to Late Bloomers available for purchase for you, while quantities last. Please select your cultivar carefully and pay by credit card or PayPal as we do not have a “Change of Mind Policy”.

May your cherry tree give you happiness and joy to last a lifetime! And thank you for supporting your local Festival, Canada’s Best Garden Festival!

In memory of the late Honourable Dr. David Lam and special thanks to the David and Dorothy Lam Foundation and the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation for making it possible for the Festival to offer commemorative Birthday Blossoms.

Purchase your Birthday Blossoms cherry tree now: $49.99 (plus tax and PayPal fees)

Whitcomb (Early) SOLD OUT20150220_6543UnonKensington_Whitcomb_Tremblay_IMG_4816 Prunus subhirtella ‘Whitcomb’: An early blooming, higan (spring) cultivar with vivid, purple-pink single petals in February and March. Will grow umbrella-shaped, less than 5m tall. Leaves emerge bronze-green after flowering. Autumn colour is red.According to Douglas Justice, author of Ornamental Cherries in Vancouver and Associate Director & Curator of Collections at UBC Botanical Garden, Whitcomb is one of the best varieties for home gardens!
Akebono (Mid-season)20100303_Burrard Station_Akebono_Lin_3524 Prunus x yedoensis ‘Akebono’: The daybreak cherry is a medium sized tree with an upright spreading crown that flowers in March or April, usually following the purple-leafed plums. The shell pink to white flowers are produced abundantly. A chance seedling of Tokyo cherry (Prunus x yedoensis ‘Somei-yoshino’), ‘Akebono’ is noted for its essentially rainproof flowers and freedom from disease. Autumn colour is pumpkin orange.
Shirotae (Mid-season)20080412_ubcfraserparkade_shirotae_cutler_3048 Prunus Sato-zakura Group ‘Shirotae’: This broad-spreading tree blooms when the fresh green leaves are nearly fully developed. Pink buds open into large, pure white, double flowers with a faint almond scent.
Somei Yoshino (Mid-season)20150308_VictoriaE16_SYoshino_Eng_0263 Prunus yedoensis ‘Somei-yoshino’: The flowering cherry made famous in Japan for cherry viewing and common street tree in Vancouver. A moderate sized, spreading, umbrella-shaped tree with clouds of pale pink blooms fading to white, that open before the leaves emerge. Flowers late March or early April.
Amanogawa (Late) SOLD OUT amanogawa_crop
Prunus Sato-zakura Group ‘Ama-no-gawa’: ‘Amanogawa’ is a late blooming cherry with abundant fragrant, semi-double apple blossom flowers blooming mid-April to early-May. It is characteristic for its fastigiated crown (branches ascend strongly instead of hanging). Autumn colour is orange or red.
Kanzan (Late)Kanzan_crop Prunus Sato-zakura Group ‘Kanzan’: ‘Kanzan’ is a fast growing cherry with a large, upright spreading crown. The huge, double pink flowers are produced in incredible profusion in late April or May. The leaves emerge bronze green at the same time as the flower buds open. One of the Sato Zakura (village cherries) in cultivation in Japan since the 17th century. Autumn colour is yellow to orange.
Shirofugen (Late) SOLD OUTShirofugen_crop Prunus Sato-zakura Group ‘Shiro-fugen’: Characteristic for being adaptable and long-lived, with a broad, flattened crown and multifaceted flowering progression through late April and May. Flower buds are deep pink, opening doubled-layered white and pink, slowly becoming pure white. Autumn colour is orange. Douglas Justice: “Another star performer. One of the last to bloom and one of the longest blooming, changing from pink to white blossoms and then turning pink again just as the foliage is emerging.”
Shogetsu (Late)Shogetsu_crop
Prunus Sato-zakura Group ‘Shogetsu’: One of the rarer cultivars with double white-flowered cherries blooming from late April to mid-May and wide-spreading branches. Leaves emerge green to bronze-green at the same time as flowers. Known for elegant, long-stalked blossoms that open with the lightest tint of pink and fading to white.

The Festival and cherry tree grower is taking every precaution to ensure that the tree you purchase is healthy and true to name. However as the trees are a living item and require care, we will not be providing replacements should the tree die after purchase. VCBF has no control over how the trees will be cared for after it leaves our hands.

Proceeds from Birthday Blossoms goes directly towards realizing the Festival’s mission and charitable cause. The intra-community arts-and-culture festival annually presents 20 free accessible public community events. The festival delivers horticulture education of the ornamental cherry tree and inspires stewardship of the cherry and all trees, while raising the aesthetic taste and appreciation of the general public through cherry themed cultural performances including music, dance, poetry, film screenings, design installations, arts and craft, exhibitions, culinary arts and other creative cultural arts.
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Thank you for your support~

Cherry Hug
Grow, share & let the love blossom with your own Birthday Blossoms cherry tree!