Presenting Morgan Parker-Carney‘s 2016 winning entry!

Photo Credit_Morgan Parker-Carney_BCBW

Sakura-stand” by: Morgan Parker-Carney

“This past year has been one of many trials, hardships and hurdles.. I was supposed to go study in Japan this October but as a consequence … I can no longer afford to… Then one day… I stumbled upon this contest… IT WAS A SIGN!”

Presenting Judith Guzman‘s 2015 winning entry!

Judith Guzman

A place to hide and seek at night” by: Judith Guzmán-Peña

Behind this picture titled “A place to hide and seek at night” is a story about patience, love and time. I was surfing VancityBuzz website late at night on March 24 when I read the call for entries to the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Photo Amateur Contest and I took it as a divine signal. Some time before this I’d decided to sell my camera and focus on my career as a writer, but this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

After reading the call to my husband he took me to a hidden private park behind Nelson Park around 1:00. We approached the fence that was separating us from the acclaimed protagonist of the night. But the light wasn’t enough for a quick shot and I didn’t have a tripod with me, so I used the fence as a support and my husband was steadying me. Teamwork! With a better angel and a two second speed shutter I made one, two, three shots and I was satisfied with the work.

The contest started, time passed really fast and one day I remembered to upload the chosen picture at my twitter, followed the rules of the hashtags and named it “A place to hide and seek at night”, on April 16. One month later I was receiving a tweet saying I was to contact VancityBuzz because my photo was chosen as the winner of the contest. Now I will not abandon photography and writing, as both are my passions and the way I can express how I see the world.

This picture is a symbol of nature surrounded by concrete, but more a homage to time and perpetuity of beauty, the one that you can only find if you take the time and incentive to go out on a chilly night with a camera on your side.

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