To those who will be attending please be mindful and respectful of the property and environment where the event is held. Those that are coming with food/beverages please clean up after yourself.

Last Updated: March 30th, 4:20pm
April 1, 2016 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Stanley Park by Japanese Canadian War Memorial.
*As there is limited paid parking, we recommend coming by bus! Bus #19 Metrotown stops right outside the event venue.
If you are coming from W. Georgia, take Stanley Park exit:
1) At the roundabout, head towards Malkin Bowl
2) Drive pass Rose Garden and pass the Akebono Cherry Trees
3) Drive pass the Stanley Park Pavilion to the pay parking lot
Once off the bus/car is parked:
1) Head NE towards the Japanese Canadian War Memorial. You should see the illuminated trees peeking through!
Stanley Park MAP (Sakura Illumination)
The Festival will be honouring all those who have purchased tea tasting tickets. For those who cannot make the rescheduled date, please email We will not be issuing day-of refunds.

Photo Credit_Evan Chen Photography_Sakura Illumination 4
Photo credit Evan Chen Photography

Video Credit Louis Almario

Stuart Ward & Ben Z Cooper from Hfour will be illuminating Stanley Park with vibrant projections and multicoloured lanterns. The illumination will be set up for unobstructed views ideal for photography and picnicking in the spring evening air under cherry blossoms! Best of all, it’ll be free!

New this year, Bloom, by Vania Ling is a chance for guests to see how their sense of taste is influenced by other senses. Taste with your eyes, we dare you to come experience how taste perception is shaped by the bloom of colours on the blossoms as it floods your surroundings at Sakura Illumination. Tea tasting tickets are already sold out, but bring your own hot drinks and come enjoy the illumination!

O5 tea has artfully created this kombucha. Its base begins with a Hei Cha from the Anhua County, China. It is cold-brewed overnight, strained, then fermented with cane sugar and cultures for 30 days. At its base, the Hei Cha is a darker full-bodied tea that has a smokey note. The selection of tea has been specially curated to pair sweet fruit with tartness.

Vania is a passionate and creative food specialist with a background in Nutrition and Food Science and MSc. in Food. Vania is fascinated by sensory experiences that hone the skills of the palate, but also incorporate her love of music.

The Inspiration for Sakura Illumination
Having spent several years in Japan, Stuart James W.’s appreciation of the cherry blossom is uncommonly deep. It gives him inspiration to live and to create: “In Japan, people are given the opportunity to enjoy ‘hanami’, or blossom viewing perhaps 80 times in their life if they are lucky. Inclement weather, work, school, or health and familial obligations often reduce the number of opportunities, so I regard the symbol of the coming of spring as a reminder that life is short (much like the blossoming timespan of the trees) and we should make each day count. Life is ephemeral, precious and we should take moments to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. It is not with sadness that we watch the first blossoms emerge or the last blossoms fall, it is with joy, the joy of being alive and aware of our own existence.”

Video Credit Aron Zhu from PVG

Sakura Illumination Tour 2013 Recap from Hfour on Vimeo.

Stuart uses LED and patterned video lights to illuminate a canopy of cherry blossoms with his sensory projection artwork. The single night quality reflects the tempo of the blossoms, and their varying bloom times. The unique experience will create an intangible memory of a time and place never to be duplicated.

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