Curated Lunch Boxes by Cocktails & Canapés available for pre-order soon!  

CherryBlossomFood-image9_rsz Blossom Bliss $20+tax: Sandwich (Furikake seasoned chicken breast, miso marinated slaw, pickled cucumber, Sriracha, Japanese mayo on a soft egg baguette), Salad (red and green kale, buckwheat soba noodles, lemongrass cabbage, grilled zucchini and peanut dressing), Temari Sushi (two pieces of Oceanwise sockeye salmon sushi with cream cheese center, togarashi mayo, micro mustard greens and banana leaf) & Rose Petal White Chocolate Square.
CherryBlossomFood-image35_rsz Sakura V (Vegetarian & Gluten-Free) $20+tax: Rice Paper Roll (Lemongrass chicken, pickled daikon radish, red and yellow peppers, furikake spiced tofu noodles, cilantro and edible flowers), Salad (red and green kale, buckwheat soba noodles, lemongrass cabbage, grilled zucchini and peanut dressing), Temari Sushi (two pieces of avocado sushi with oshinko pickle, sweet soy, togarashi, radish and lime zest) & Rose Petal White Chocolate Square.
CherryBlossomFood-image56_rsz Optional Add-Ons:

  • Handmade toasted black and white sesame caramel corn served in metal handle take out boxes $5
  • Matcha and Cherry Blossom Shake $4 (image coming soon)

*More info on order details will be available on March 1st 

Credit LOBO_2015 Kerrisdale Community Centre Petal Mat Picnic_

Petal Picnics Popping up Soon!

Think delicate cherry blossoms poised above a spring picnic – relax, unplug, and dream of coming together soon to feast on specially created Petal Picnic menus while enjoying nature’s incomparable beauty in the middle of our fair city! Friends and family, neighbours, business colleagues and acquaintances are once again invited to gather and celebrate the magnificence of Vancouver’s cherry blossom trees and the treasure of friendship that forms when we dine together.

Following the centuries-old cultural tradition of “Hanami” (Flower-Viewing Party) Vancouverites will join thousands who celebrate similar events around the world, creating an important global movement for friendship, community, peace and the stewardship of nature’s gifts everywhere. Party on!

Special Petal Picnic menus created by Cocktails & Canapés offer 2 different box lunches: Blossom Bliss and a Vegetarian/Gluten Free menu, with enticing selections of sandwich, salad, sushi, dessert and Cherry Blossom Shake.

And it’s all stress-free! Lunch boxes offer delivery right to your picnic site in parks and green spaces or company, within Vancouver.

Make new friends or share precious time with loved ones. Exchange stories, and capture your Petal Picnic experience in photos of floating clouds of pink and white to create the memories that last forever.

Petal Mats are available for single use or purchase. They are durable and constructed of the finest quality zippers, allowing you to connect with others and create an expanding carpet of friends.

Stay tuned for the 2017 Blossom Forecast, which will post dates of peak blossoming picnic locations.

Written by: Jo Nelsen /