The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival invites everyone to be a part of the Festival. Whether you want to partner as a sponsor, support as a donor, or give back to the community as a Cherry Team volunteer, “there is no stranger under the cherry tree”.

“The whole idea of this event is to get us all to pause and appreciate the ethereal, ephemeral, delicate beauty of cherry blossoms…and by so doing, to realize the importance of living in the moment and not taking life for granted.” – Steve Whysall

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2015 Executive Summary

Everybody’s talking about the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival!

The festival experience has shown me how much fun it will be to be more involved in the life of this city.”

Learning about different cultures, transforming our world to a more loving place, one cherry blossom at a time.
–Maria King

“Six months after I moved to Vancouver from Alberta, Vancouver was the city that I lived in. After my participation in the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, Vancouver became my home. Because of the festival I now believe there is no limit to what passion, enthusiasm and the natural beauty of Vancouver can achieve.”
–Tom Li

“I am thoroughly enjoying my walks around this city exploring for cherry blossoms. I have lived all my life in Vancouver, but I am discovering neighborhoods that I have never visited before…I cannot wait for my next adventure.”
–Bob Loveless

“I just think this is the best festival the city can offer its citizens!”
–Cheryl Milner

“Just want to thank you and your staff for a fabulous festival-all the events, spin-offs, maps, calenders, insert in the Vancouver Sun, etc. Keep up the good work and let’s try to get the City (and homeowners) to plant thousands of more Flowering Cherry Trees!!!!”
–Dr. John Allan

“This festival is creating a new outdoor culture!”
-Rolf Savella

“To Festival organizers – your website, and tools of where and when to find our cherry trees, in bloom is fantastic. This is the first time, after living in Vancouver over 35 years, that I can find information on these wonderful “gifts” we have in every part of our city each spring. Now these hidden treasures are shared with all!! I hope you will continue in the years ahead. The information on history, types of trees, events, is an added bonus. Thank you, an appreciative citizen.”
–Linette Smith

“VanDusen gardeners are so very proud to have the Cherry Blossom Festival in the garden where it belongs and speak of the poetry of that special time at Sakura Day.
–VanDusen Botanical Garden