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Check out some of the more than 2,100 locations of ornamental cherries on our Festival map! About 50 different cultivars of flowering cherry trees come into bloom, lighting up Metro Vancouver and painting neighbourhoods in awash of colour from a blush of pink to pure snow white cherry blossoms.

The map opens showing you our festival favourite locations, which may or may not be in bloom now. Search by neighbourhood or cultivar, or a combination of those, to see all the trees we have on the map. Or change the dates to see what is in bloom when you plan to go out flower viewing.

Hint for photographers: click the Favourites button on the map to see the locations offering the best photo-ops. Or click the Blooming button for what all is blooming now. The red markers are the favourities, the good photo-op locations.

Note: Until we are well into the current blooming season, the blooming dates are based on the dates from the previous year. They may not be an accurate prediction for the coming year.

Click the map picture to view the Vancouver BC Ornamental Cherries map.

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