This Accolade cherry tree is located on BC Parkway (near Glenn), across  China Creek Park. It’s only 2 minutes from VCC-Clark skytrain station.


The branches crawl up towards the balcony of an apartment building.


You’ll get beautiful pictures if you go on a sunny day. Unfortunately, it was quite windy when I visited, so a lot of my shots turned blurry.


80% of the blossoms are out, but there are a few buds left.


The blossoms have just opened, and yet, they are already falling. So sad!


Examining fallen blossoms is a good way to get familiar with cherry trees. The thing sticking out of the flower is called a pistil.


Photo tip: This Accolade cherry tree is 80% bloom and the blossoms have already started to fall. Visit in the next 2 days for the best pictures. In 7 days, you can expect a shower of petals.