“Wow! That presentation was fantastic! It really understood our audience and the kids were so engaged. Thank you for making it so interactive and educational.”— Claren Academy, Oct 2020

BLOOM! evokes a feeling of togetherness and educates on cherry blossom culture through the sharing of a real Vancouver story and meeting some of the people behind the Festival while instilling a sense of curiosity and discovery of beauty through the cherry blossom. During this time of physical distancing, be safely transported from your classroom and take off on a ‘sakura safari’ drone flight to experience a bird’s eye view of our cherry blossoms.

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The program also covers curriculum objectives including:

  • Introduction to Japan’s unique cultural celebration of spring, its traditions and significance to cultivate empathy and acceptance of other cultures
  • Learning “How to Haiku” with Michael Dylan Welch
  • The history and cherry tree heritage of Vancouver’s cherry trees
  • Basic cherry tree botany
  • How students can engage in cherry blossom culture and have fun with Festival activities such as writing haiku, taking photos for the virtual mosaic photo contest, singing, and more!

In these different times, let the impending arrival of spring and the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms bolster everyone’s spirits!

We also encourage you to share your fun creations from BLOOM! Activity Kit in your front window at home.

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