Spring Lights A mesmerizing and fleeting media arts installation by local artists; each year is a unique experience.

Due to popular demand, this event has been extended for 3 days!

Spring Lights 2017 from Hfour on Vimeo.

Spring Lights 2017 from Hfour on Vimeo.

Spring Lights 2017 from Hfour on Vimeo.

About: Hfour is an experiential studio. From interactive artworks to gigantic festival activations and everywhere in between, Hfour creates memorable experiences with forward-thinking partners.

To those attending please be mindful and respectful of the park and leave the environment as beautiful as when you arrived, disposing of your garbage responsibly. 

Check out springlights.ca for more info!

Bus 19 stops right outside the event venue.

If you are coming from W. Georgia, take Stanley Park exit:
1) At the roundabout, head towards Malkin Bowl
2) Drive pass Rose Garden and pass the Akebono Cherry Trees
3) Drive pass the Stanley Park Pavilion to the pay parking lot

Once off the bus/car is parked:
1) Head NE towards the Stanley Park Japanese Canadian War Memorial. You should see the illuminated trees peeking through!

Past Videos:
2014: Sakura Illumination 2014 by PVG Production
2013: Sakura Illumination Tour 2013 Recap from Hfour

Programs subject to change