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Check out the Barge voyage its way to Granville Island and a snapshot of where it all begins!

Video Credit to Riel McGuire from Zooropa Video Production Agency

You think a cherry tree in bloom is a sight to behold ~ imagine the exuberance of 40 cherry trees in full bloom pulled by a tug on a barge travelling up False Creek! We wanted to honour our tenth anniversary with much celebration and fanfare ending with a parade; so the Festival created Blossom Barge presented by Tymac Launch Service. Saturday morning on April 16th Blossom Barge will depart with excitement on its voyage from Crab Park, sail past Canada Place, Stanley Park, English Bay, Granville Island to Science World with the best viewing spots downtown at Canada Place, The Pier, Jack Poole Plaza, and Harbour Green Park.

On April 16 & 17, join in the fun when the Blossom Barge – an innovative floating installation of 36 flowering cherry trees – parades Vancouver’s waterways before mooring at Dock 7 by Granville Island Public Market Courtyard. Celebrate spring with a mini festival of free performances at Granville Island Market, including Tetsu Taiko & Tzo’kam collaboration, Langley Ukulele Ensemble, Kutapira, Chibi Taiko, and the international yoyo superstar – Harrison Lee.

If you’re a Festival fan, join the Blossom Barge Flotilla on its voyage from False Creek back home to Crab Park! Put on your pink, blossom up your crew and vessel and add to the fanfare of the flotilla ~ Come together on Sunday afternoon April 17 to “cheer on the cherries” and “send-off” Blossom Barge! After Granville Island Market performances, the barge will make another trip down False Creek, back home followed by a flotilla of First Nations canoes, dragon boats, rowers, yachts and pleasure boats.

If you are participating in the Blossom Barge Flotilla, it is required to fill out this wavier form priory to attending the event! So please print, sign, and bring it to hand to a Cherry Staff on day of event! 

On April 16, Science World and Sails of Lights, Port Metro Vancouver, will light up pink to celebrate the festival with us!

Blossom Barge is a free event so, come out and let’s celebrate the Spring together!


April 16, 2016

8:30am Blossom Barge departs Tymac Launch Service near Crab Park, parading past Canada Place, Stanley Park, English Bay, Granville Island to Science World, returning to Granville Island Market
10:45am Granville Island Dock 7
12:00-2:00pm Free performances from the Blossom Barge Stage with viewing from Granville Island Public Market Courtyard

Featuring Tetsu Taiko & Tzo’kam collaboration, Langley Ukulele Ensemble, Kutapira, and yoyo superstar Harrison Lee!

11:55am  Tetsu Taiko & Tzo’kam collaboration
12:40pm  Langley Ukulele Ensemble
12:20pm Harrison Lee
1:10pm Harrison Lee
1:30pm  Kutapira

April 17, 2016

12:00-2:00pm Free performances from the Blossom Barge Stage with viewing from Granville Island Market Courtyard

Featuring the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra,”Yoyo Kid” Harrison Lee, and Chibi Taiko!

12:00pm Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra
1:05pm Harrison Lee
1:30pm Chibi Taiko

3:00pm – 5:00pm Blossom Barge Flotilla departs Granville Island Market down False Creek to Science World on its return voyage back to Tymac Launch and Crab Park

Please Note: The Vancouver Sun Run is happening on Sunday, April 17, 2016 and there will be a road re-route. Please click here  or here for details!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do we/how much does it cost to purchase tickets to see Blossom Barge?
A: Blossom Barge is a free event, no purchase necessary!

Q: How do we register to voyage on the barge?
A: For safety, Blossom Barge is not allowed to take passengers on board.

Q: Are we allowed to board the barge once it has been docked to view the cherry trees?
A: Only the performers are allowed to board the barge stage to perform. Audiences are not allowed to board the barge.

Q: How can we reserve viewing spots?
A: It is first come first serve.


Performer’s Biography

Tetsu Taiko & Tzo’kam

Tetsu Taiko:
Founded originally as the Steveston Tera Taiko, Tetsu Taiko is the first organized taiko group in Richmond, BC and only the second youth taiko group in the Vancouver area. They formed in December of 2000 from the Dharma School (Sunday school) of the Steveston Buddhist Temple in Richmond.
Tzo’kam: Led by composer, producer and traditional singer Russell Wallace, Tzokam is a Lil-wat family group who offer traditional and contemporary songs including drumming and dancing.
Kim Lin_Cherry Jam_Langley Ukulele Ensemble_0Y9A3362_lgLangley Ukulele Ensemble The Langley Ukulele Ensemble is a ukulele ensemble from Langley, British Columbia in Canada. The group is composed of 20 musicians, aged twelve to eighteen years, and performs 50-80 concerts a year. The group originated with the J. Chalmers Doane’s musical program in the 1970s that had over 50,000 students across Canada and the United States. They have performed in Canada, Florida, Texas, California, Nevada, the Pacific Northwest, Japan and Hawaii. The ensemble was named Langley’s Entertainer of the Year for 2005, and their musical director was named Langley’s Leader of the Year for the same year.
KutapriaKutapira What started thirteen years ago as a youth world music initiative has metamorphosed into the crowd pleasing percussion explosion known today as Kutapira!The name Kutapira means “sweetness” in the Shona language of Zimbabwe, a fitting title for a band that plays a fusion of Zimbabwean marimba with West African and Afrocuban percussion and more.This highly stylized marimba fusion consists of some contemporary Zimbabwean tunes but the majority of the music is composed and arranged by Kutapira and inspired by genres like Reggae, Funk, Latin Jazz, Samba, Cumbia, Disco and Hip Hop. For years they performed exclusively as a mallet swinging, skin-slapping quintet but now, in their latest evolutionary form, feature guitar, horns and vocals.

Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra

The VMO is dedicated to the artistic, personal and professional development of outstanding young musicians. We create opportunities for talented young musicians to perform with the mentorship of seasoned professionals in front of live audiences. These are opportunities these young gifted musicians may not have otherwise had. We see the untapped potential in people caught between being professional musicians and music students. Many of these young musicians need a stepping-stone to embark on their professional musical career, and that’s what we do.
Chibi Taiko

Chibi Taiko

The first children’s taiko ensemble in Canada, Chibi Taiko was formed in the fall of 1993 with the goal of passing this unique and dynamic performing art on to the next generation of Asian Canadians. The group’s philosophy emphasizes cooperation, leadership, responsibility and spirituality in addition to the physical and musical discipline needed to build a cohesive and dynamic taiko ensemble.
Harrison Lee

Harrison Lee

Harrison Lee is a 16 year old professional yoyo competitor. He is a familiar face around town and a popular performer at local festivals and charitable events. Often referred to as Vancouver’s “Yoyo Kid,” Harrison is no stranger to the media appearing frequently on TV, radio and newspaper. Harrison was the 2013 Canadian National Freestyle Yoyo Champion and he represents Canada at yoyo contests all around the world. In addition to his yoyo’ing talent, Harrison is also an inspirational speaker giving talks at schools, conferences, and public events.
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